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Its been a while, but I'm back again and I'm 'Nearly New'

Hello my musical friends...Hope all is well with y'all and you've had a great 2018 so far.

Although its been mostly radio silence on my website, I've been busy working hard behind the scenes and writing lots of new songs and recording them in the studio.

I'll be sharing them soon, so keep checking back here for exciting new content.

In the meantime I filmed a live video last night/this morning (4am) and have uploaded it to my sites video page.

The photo above is a still taken from the video.

The song is called 'Nearly New' and is about a heart that has both lived and loved. Along the way it has collected its share of hurt and heartache, but with grace it has finally found someone who can heal, nurture and teach it to trust and love again.

As a man of 47 years, I write from my experience and this song is definitely close to my heart.

I hope it speaks to your heart and if needed can help it become 'Nearly New' too...

See you soon

Jim :)

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