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Before and After...

I've always loved The Clash book 'Before and After' by Pennie Smith... I first saw it when I was 14 and I was instantly in awe of the photos of The Clash on tour in America...all taken in gloriously Romantic Rock and Roll Monochrome...It was the stuff that my Poet Punk Vagabond Rebel Soul was looking for and I would literally spend hours letting the images seep into my mind and imagination...

Joe Strummer famously said 'To have output you must have input' and 'Before and After' is visual input of the highest order...If you are a fan of The Clash and you haven't seen it...Then go beg, borrow or steal a copy...right now this second!

If you have then you know what I am talking about.

Below is a brand new B&W homage to the afore mentioned book...I'm playing my old trusty Sunburst Fender acoustic, while the dusk settles into early evening.

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