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A Huge Thank you Y'all!

So its a few days into 2016 and high time I wrote a thank you post for 2015...I played so many gigs its hard to remember them all and I am definitely taking a leaf out of someone else book this year and keeping a diary. I can then personally thank everyone I meet and who supports my music...Its playing, meeting like minded people and communicating ideas and sharing positive energies that make what I do so rewarding. I get to play in so many beautiful places and I am blessed...

So this year here's a few photos of some of the places I played...Next year I will name names and thank faces...In the meantime if you see yourself in one of the photos then please feel free to drop me a line...I'll be glad to have a chat.

So once again, Thanks for coming along and hearing me play in 2015...Whether it was at a Folk or Acoustic club, at an arts centre, or at one of the many festivals I played over the Summer, your support was strengthening and most vital to the continuation of my songwriting and performing. I hope you all had as great a musical year as I did!

This year expect a new EP at the end of February ( check this blog and my website for the launch! )

I will be embarking on an exciting 'Record Store Tour' in the Spring (Would love to see you at one of these if I come to your Town/City ) A Summer full of Festivals and loads of gigs in loads of places ( keep checking back to this website for up and coming dates ) and of course loads more songs 'From the Heart and Soul'

See you at a gig soon...All the best...Jim x

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