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A little further down the road....

Had great news today...I've been booked to play Weyfest festival in Farnham in Surrey this Summer...I have wanted to play it for a few years, but to be honest however much I wanted to play it ,I realise in reflection and with that beautiful thing called hindsight that the time wasn't right before...

It's interesting how roads and opportunities seem to open up when they are good and ready as if the universe sends out just the right thing at just the right time...when it seems like all the doors have firmly slammed themselves shut a new pathway is shown that is clearer and more defined...It's a clarity that has come about through hard graft, diligence and sheer bloody minded will...

In regards to hard graft...over the last couple of years I have really felt my songwriting and performances blossom and mature...It is a connection to my craft that I've developed over many years...I wrote my first song at 18 and now at 44 feel I am getting closer to writing and performing songs that speak fully of my experience. That's not to say that the songs I'd written previously weren't up to scratch, just that I have always set the bar high...I look at the work of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Shane MacGowan, Marvin Gaye, Nanci Griffith (the list is endless) and have something to aim for... They are the masters...I am just a lowly apprentice...Although a very happy and blessed apprentice I might add :)

I guess what I am saying is that the hard work and persistance is bearing fruit...Last night I had my first radio play on the lovely West Norfolk Radio...It was a joy to hear my songs over the airwaves ( Thanks Jane et al ) and there was much a hollerin' and a whoopin' going on in our humble kitchen let me tell you :)

So here's to Weyfest (I'm playing the beautiful and book-filled 'Rustic Stage' on Saturday 5th September at 1.30pm ) and 2015 being filled with fun, laughter, hard graft and lots more songwriting !

I look forward to finding out where this road I'm on will take me next...I'll be following it until the very end...See you a little 'Further down the road' :)

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